Manny Pacquiao to Retire?

First Floyd Mayweather announced his retirement from boxing, and now rumors are beginning that Manny Pacquiao will be retiring after his next fight. The fight is scheduled for April 9th of 2016, but other than that, not much is known about the fight. There’s no official opponent yet, although there are a few candidates. The big news is just that the legendary Pac Man might be retiring. In fact, there’s not even a venue that’s been selected for the fight yet, although most people expect that it will take place somewhere in the Las Vegas area.

Pacquiao is a member of the Congress in his home country of the Philippines. He has expressed interest in the past in wanting to spend more time pursuing politics and giving the people that elected him his all rather than continue boxing, and now that he’s past his prime in his sport and has taken on the biggest name that the sport had to offer, it makes sense that politics be his next fight. He is currently considering a move to the Senate, which would require much more of a time commitment. With Mayweather retired and there no possibility of a rematch to avenge his loss in the mega-fight, retirement again seems like the most logical next step. Mayweather and Pacquiao fought in one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches ever earlier this year, only to have Mayweather win in an overwhelming decision.

Pacquiao’s next fight has not been made official yet. Timothy Bradley is one of the leading candidates for the match, but there are a couple others that Pacquiao’s promoter is currently pursuing. Bradley and Pacquiao have fought twice before. Bradley won the first fight in 2012, but Pacquiao took the second one two years later. Both fights were close, and Pacquiao was the first to ever beat Bradley during his professional career.

Amir Khan has also been considered as a final fight for Pacquiao, although promoter Bob Arum has since denied that this is a possibility. Terence Crawford and Juan Manuel Marquez are also high on the short list of contenders. Like Bradley, Marquez has fought Pacquiao in the past. They’ve come together four times, and Pacquiao won two of those. Their first fight was a draw, and the final meeting of these two ended with Marquez scoring the knockout with just one second left in the sixth round of the fight. It was dubbed the fight of the decade at the time. Perhaps because he ended their meetings on such a positive note, Marquez has publicly stated that he is not interested in a fifth fight against the Pac Man.

Unlike MMA, there’s not a big fantasy boxing scene right now, and there’s not a daily fantasy element to it, either. This could change in the future, but because there are so few fights scheduled one any given night, it would be almost impossible under current laws for a daily fantasy sports site to realistically create a way to draft a roster. For now, boxing will remain something that’s bet on in the classic Las Vegas style.

Manny Pacquiao has been a congressman in the Philippines since 2010 and announced in his home country a few days ago that he will be running for the Senate. It is a fitting next step for the champion. Despite the rumors of tax evasion and the issues that he has had in his political life, pursuing a career in politics meshes well with his intensity in the ring. Boxing will miss his presence, but as a man, he is moving on to the next challenge.